Visit the Incredible Skelligs, the Star Wars Islands - Call +353 (0)1 525 2209

Visit the Incredible Skelligs, the Star Wars Islands

Luxury travel doesn’t get much more thrilling than this! The Skelligs – the incredible, pyramid-shaped islands just off the coast of Kerry in Ireland that provide breathtaking scenery for some dramatic Star Wars action scenes – have so much to offer the intrepid traveler. These wonderfully theatrical and truly imposing islands lurch up suddenly out of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Skelligs have provided an incredible refuge for many who sought isolation down through the centuries. As far back as 1400 BC the legendary Tuatha de Danaan claimed it. Early Christian saints and hermits as early as the 6th Century lived there. Even 21st Century science-fiction film-makers recognized the islands as the perfect hideaway! The most imaginative of science fiction writers could hardly have created a more impressive place, with sheer cliffs plunging into the tumultuous Atlantic waters.

Visit the Incredible Skelligs, the Star Wars Islands - Call +353 (0)1 525 2209

The Skelligs offer unforgettable views

Your first glimpses of the Skelligs will be snatched as you travel along the rugged County Kerry coastline. No matter which direction you approach from, you will be rewarded with truly breath-taking views across the mighty Atlantic rollers. The wonderful Ring of Kerry route offers many excellent vantage points. Be prepared to be absolutely blown away by the spectacular pinnacles thrusting up out of the sea.

These views of the Skelligs have mesmerized many a visitor to the Kerry shore down through the years. It cannot be a coincidence that the islands were often picked as a refuge for hermits and others who desired isolation. The same isolation and rocky fastness also attracted the Star Wars crew when hunting for a location for Luke Skywalker’s hideaway!

Visit the Incredible Skelligs, the Star Wars Islands - Call +353 (0)1 525 2209

Experience the Skelligs, Stay in Luxury Accommodation

If you would like to experience the wonder of the Skelligs and the Ring of Kerry, simply contact Luxury House Hire today. We have the most luxurious accommodation for your group. We can also arrange luxury transportation for your group if required.

However, please note that going out to the Skelligs involves some special planning. As the islands enjoy a protected UNESCO heritage status, the main island (Skellig Michael) can only accommodate around 150 visitors per day. Also, travel to the islands is weather-dependent. Speak to us today to avoid disappointment.

Our friendly staff will gladly assist you with all your arrangements.

Call us today on +353 (0)1 525 2209 or email

Visit the Incredible Skelligs, the Star Wars Islands - Call +353 (0)1 525 2209

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